Assalam Alay Kum

A simple site to help you make dua depending on your current emotion.

Ever have the feeling of not knowing what dua to make? Sometimes your upset and you need comfort, sometimes you’re satisfied with life, and again you want a dua. This site helps you with just that.

We’ve got a dua for you if you are Optimistic, Ready for action, In need, Satisfied, Confused, Doubtful, Forgiveness, Sinful, Guilty, Desperation, Ashamed, Depressed, Resent, Loss, Sad, Regretful, Self-Conscious, Inferior, Weak, Anxious, Humiliated, Envious, Wronged, Offended, Cheated, Anger, Happy, Grateful, Lonely, Jealous, Uneasy, Insecure, Pain, Hardship, Hurt, Impatient and Content.

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